Aesthetic Treatments

Anti-wrinkle Injections (AWI)

This is our most popular treatment. Administered by our Doctors, it is used to soften the facial lines that concern you the most.

The most common areas treated are:

  • The frown lines (glabellar)
  • The Forehead lines (frontalis)
  • The lines around the eyes (Obicularis Oculi)

We treat many first time aesthetic clients. That is why we dedicate time and give our full attention to you, to listen to your concerns. Yes, it is still a taboo in the West of Ireland. Yes, it is still thought of as extreme by some people. Yes, we have seen the pictures where it goes wrong. We address all of these and many more worries in our clinic. You will never feel pressured to get treatments. We will guide you and we will never give a frozen look.


This award winning, hyaluronic acid is an amazing treatment for skin laxity and skin rejuvenation. It stimulated your own collagen to be produced. This allows the skin to be plumped by your own means. This is not a dermal filler but a very different type of Hyaluronic acid instead. It is recommended for a course of 3 over 1-6 months. Our collagen is regenerated, roughly, every 30 days. That is why it takes approx. 1 month for effects to be seen.

Dermal and Lip fillers

These are different types of Hyaluronic Acid to help give volume and shape, to concerned areas. Typically, areas treated with dermal (skin) fillers are nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines), cheeks and jaws.
Lip fillers are used to enhace lip definition. Our Nurse practitioner is very skilled in the art of natural lip enhancement.

Medical grade skin Peels

We use AlumierMD for our medical grade skin peels. These work by resurfacing the top layer of the skin, leaving a fresher, rejuvenated skin surface. They are a lovely treatment to leave skin feeling fresh, radiant and illuminated. There are many different types and strengths of peels. Following a discussion with our Nurse practitioner, you will be able to decide which one is for you

Plasma Rich Protein (PRP)

This medical treatment has its base firmly in orthopaedic medicine. How does it translate to Aesthetics?
Our plasma part of our blood, is rich with little cells called platelets. These are fantastic helpers to accelerate healing of injured ligaments, joints and tendons. Platelets can also be used to help accelerate the skin’s production of collagen and elastin. 2 proteins that we need to give firmer, plumper, rejuvenated skin.
To do this, we take a sample of your blood from your arm, pass it through our centrifudge machine, to separate out the parts of the blood. We take out the platelets and apply them to the facial area.